Utility. Innovation. Mischief.

Bangbangz are the exclusive NFT collection by odyn Originals- serving as your membership token into the virtual odyn innovation lab, for a unique & hands-on NFT experience.

MINTING 1.31.22
  • Access

    - Metaverse odyn innovation lab access

    - Members only collaborative graffiti wall

    -Airdrops and gifts from odyn and merchant partners

    -Access to unreleased merchandise

    - Innovation events exclusively for members to sample upcoming products, and mingle with other members in fun interactive play.

  • Exclusive

    Limited releases including the original 500 NFT drop allow individual member voice to be prioritized and heard. Opening doors of opportunity for a creative community, members can participate in meaningful direct collaboration, intimate communication sessions, and front view strategic planning of the bangbangz expansion into the meta-verse.

  • Diverse Funding

    A fully integrated profit-sharing
    model across the odyn Originals footprint supplies multiple income sources into the member fund including diversified revenue from:

    -NFT sales

    -odyn Cannabis drops

    -merchant affiliate & web3 partnerships

    -bangbangz merchandise.

  • Interactive

    Membership includes
    exclusive access into the odyn Originals innovation lab and creations along
    with fellow members!

    Members enjoy confidential access to unreleased products, developing ideas, and interactive demonstrations.

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community fund

Diverse Profit Sharing & Creative Funding

for an over the top delivery


25% sales profit per each NFT sale

10% sales profit from odyn Cannabis drops

25% sales profit from bangbangz merch

25% sales profit from the odyn merchant affiliate program*

about us

Since founding in 2019 and known for innovating unique creations- our small team of troublemakers at the odyn innovation lab have been featured on NBC, FOX, and ABC for pushing boundaries on social norm- and we want you to join our collaborative WEB3 expansion with the release of the bangbangz NFT collection!

Each bangbangz NFT serves as your exclusive membership token into the virtual odyn innovation lab where NFT holders are brought together in events and activities, can make their mark on our community graffiti wall, and join other members to build, innovate, and play!

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member events

Members are invigorated by over the top innovation events from the odyn innovation lab throughout the planning, design, and construction of our WEB3 space in addition to fun demonstrations of new odyn products and partnerships!

At 100% NFT sale each bangbangz NFT holder is invited to join the members only BLXCK party, and in the mean time can slide over to the bangbangz NFT Discord, where we actively host Happy Hours, Movie Nights, Tattoo/ Graffiti contest, and more where members can earn POAP NFTs, free odyn products, Discord Nitro, and Merch!

and this is just the start-

merchant partnerships

Having an expanding footprint and growing partnerships with various brands and merchants cross industry, bangbangz NFT holders indulge in goodies, perks, NFT airdrops, and surprise gifts sent to members!

Additionally hosting a network of affiliate merchants that we partner with who promote and sell odyn products cross industry serves as a community fund income source directly to members.


members only site coming post launch- see ya there.